Kofax Web Capture- Image viewing and scanning for web-based applications

Kofax Web Capture provides a comprehensive toolkit for creating powerful web-based applications with image viewing/scanning capability. Companies can send accurate, actionable information into their business processes directly from documents received from their customer through their Kofax Web Capture-enabled web portal.

    Kofax Web Capture- Benefits

  • Capture at the Point of Origination;
  • Wide Range of Applications;
  • Enterprise Integration;
  • Software Developers Kit;

The benefits of Kofax Web Capture technology extend to any processes where the originators of documents are geographically dispersed such as:

  • Government (benefit eligibility, permit applications, property tax assessments, etc.);
  • Insurance (policy application and renewal, policy claims, etc.);
  • Applications for employment, background screenings, identity/residence verification;
  • Financial Services (loan applications, new account openings, etc.);

and much more!

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