Kofax Transformation Modules (KTM)- Automated Forms Processing

Kofax Transformation Modules (KTM) adds document and form classification, page separation, challenging data extraction and validation capabilities to Kofax Capture, and provides robust capture-to-process applications. By automating what were previously labor-intensive, error-prone, and time-consuming tasks, can significantly reduce the labor and operating cost.

Benefits of Kofax Transformation Modules (KTM)

  • Accelerate business processes.
  • Improved information quality- increased visibility of documents and data;
  • Increased Processing Capacity;
  • Higher Data Quality;
  • Increased Data Security;
  • Increased Responsiveness;
  • Faster customer service;
  • Reduced risk of compliance failure;
  • Improved Process Auditing;
  • Maximize Productivity;
  • Reduced Training Costs;
  • Leverage Kofax Capture;
  • Speed Return on Investment.

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