Kofax Mobile Capture- Capturing information and initiating Business Processes from mobile devices

The Kofax Mobile Capture extends the capture enabled BPM capabilities to smartphones and tablet computers. The solution allows customers to use cameras in those devices to capture images of documents, photographs, audio, video and data and then pass that content to Kofax workflows that manage it into enterprise applications and repositories. Now the customers can leverage the mobile devices to initiate business processes at “the point of origination” where the engagements actually occur and add these devices as another gateway into their Kofax solutions.

Capturing the information at the site, from virtually anywhere, and delivering it to enterprise applications, by using Kofax Mobile Capture.


  • Accelerates the processes;
  • Minimizes latency;
  • Speeds transactions;
  • Complete transparency;
  • Brings customers closer Provides better real-time customer engagement;
  • Encourages self-service and saves resources;
  • Ensures an excellent quality of images taken by customers;
  • Eliminates manual steps;
  • Improves performance;
  • Reduces processing costs for better service.

By capturing critical business information at the Point of Origination, the application processes can be initiated without delay, to obtain all documents and resolve exceptions faster and with more accuracy, resulting in higher levels of customer satisfaction and increased closing volume.

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