KOFAX MarkView for Accounts Payable- Optimized AP transaction processing

KOFAX MarkView for Accounts Payable is a comprehensive, capture-enabled financial process automation application for accounts payable and other functions. It automates the receipt and capture of paper and electronic invoices, performs data extraction and perfection, and manages workflows for routing transactions through exception handling and approval processes.
KOFAX MarkView has mobile capabilities for iPhone and Android devices, integration with Kofax Mobile Capture, enabling users inside and outside the organization to gain secure access to information and capabilities.

Benefits of KOFAX MarkView for Accounts Payable

  • Significantly reduces cycle times, costs, and errors while optimizing process control and cash flow management;
  • Eliminates loss of misfiled documents;
  • Reduces document transport and storage costs as no need for mailing and storage space;
  • Increases visibility and speed to process;
  • Improves productivity;
  • Strengthens internal controls;
  • Improves monitoring and transparency;
  • Optimizes cash management.

Kofax MarkView Advisor

Visibility and Control over all core financial functions

Kofax MarkView Advisor is an optional product to MarkView for Accounts Payable. It provides AP and Finance managers with real-time process intelligence, plus the ability to immediately intervene to optimize cash management and resolve process issues impacting AP performance and SLAs.
MarkView Advisor is for AP and Finance managers who have deployed MarkView for Accounts Payable and need a real-time management dashboard for the AP process. Kofax MarkView Advisor empowers finance managers to identify potential issues and proactively address them, optimize the cash resources, improve relation with suppliers, ensure overall AP performance.

Benefits of KOFAX MarkView Advisor

  • Visibility into the AP process;
  • Adherence to key performance indicators (KPIs) and service level agreements (SLAs);
  • Monitor in Real-time;
  • Real-time alerts to critical situations;
  • Pay invoices accurately and on time;
  • Optimize cash resources.

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