Kofax Express- All in one scan-to-archive software

Kofax Express is a powerful, state of the art, all in one, a scan-to-archive software package for less complex applications that makes it easy for anyone to quickly scan, index, and export documents for fast and easy retrieval.

Kofax Express is for small to medium-sized businesses (or departments within large or medium enterprises) with a manual, error-prone, and costly archiving process.

Kofax Express- Benefits

  • Simplifies scanning;
  • Reduces costs;
  • Enables image-based storage and retrieval applications;
  • Achieves records management compliance;
  • Captures documents and data and deliver to a destination or Microsoft SharePoint;
  • Reduces disaster recovery risks.

Features of Kofax Express

  • User-friendly interface;
  • Highest image quality;
  • Zonal OCR;
  • Rubber Band OCR;
  • Bar Code Capabilities;
  • Watched Folder;
  • Searchable PDF;
  • Image Compression;
  • Point-and-Click Rescan;
  • Flexible Document Separation;
  • Flexible Document Separation;
  • SharePoint Support;
  • Post-Scan Processing with Kofax VRS Corrections;
  • Visual Undo History;
  • Optimized for High Performance;
  • Background Export;
  • Database Lookup;

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