360 Solutions is a part of the IBM’s partner network, serving customers in the UAE, Gulf Region and Middle East in terms of support, services and expertise across multiple industries, delivering affordable and fully customizable solutions built with the support of IBM. (IBM is the world’s largest IT and consulting services company, operating in over 170 countries. IBM has been present in the Middle East since 1947 and is committed to bringing innovative solutions to a diverse client base – to help them overcome their business challenges and to seize competitive advantage in the marketplace.) Teamed with IBM, 360 Solutions has a successful record of providing IBM Products and related services: IBM Data Cap, FileNet, IBM ECM, IBM Maximo, etc.

IBM Datacap

Datacap is a full-featured capture platform that enables an organization to build and implement solutions for automating the transformation of paper documents to digital information. It provides technologies for automated document identification, extraction of data with OCR, ICR, OMR and barcodes, automated validation of data, an ergonomic GUI for editing and key from image, and delivery of images and data to ECM, ERP and databases in a variety of formats.

Functional Key Capabilities

  • Scanning- remote scanning via the web
  • Processing
  • Makes it easy for the business to make changes without programming
  • Image Cleanup and Enhancement
  • Recognition (OCR/ICR/OMR/barcode) with multi-engine voting
  • Automated document classification and separation
  • Automated database lookup and validation with critical data sources and applications
  • Distributed indexing and verification – securely in a web browser
  • Exporting to SharePoint and other third party systems
  • Managing- Web-based monitoring, configuration, and administration

IBM FileNet Content Manager Software

Document management with IBM FileNet Content Manager helps you meet the growing challenge of managing enterprise content with greater speed, efficiency and accuracy.It combines comprehensive content management functions with specialized document management capabilities to gain active control over your unstructured corporate assets. It helps improve the quality of decisions by providing the right information when it’s needed. It also helps make content more accessible, secure and manageable to support your business initiatives. By delivering active content that can enable process automation, it can help reduce time, cost and risk while delivering a solid return on investment as demonstrated by real-world deployments.
Key features in IBM FileNet Content Manager Software help simplify management challenges and reduce costs. For example, Content Federation Services enable you to manage content from wherever it lives, so you can either postpone or avoid costly migrations, while standardizing on a common solution. Moreover, business users can easily leverage and get the most from the solution with the help of IBM FileNet Content Navigator software, which provides an intuitive user interface for accessing all features related to content and process management through a standard browser.


  • A single repository for enterprise content to provide centralized access and better control.
  • Document management services and application development support to streamline content management and delivery.
  • Delivery of active content in motion for improved business value and reduced costs.
  • Integration with Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Office to help increase productivity.
  • Social collaboration and mobile computing support to use the latest technologies in your enterprise content management (ECM) environment.

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