360 Solutions enables its branch in Turkey

April 14th- April 17th, Dubai- 360 Solutions held training at their Dubai office to enable the sales and pre-sales staff from the 360 Solutions office in Turkey on their capture solutions. The participants discussed market strategies and opportunities in various industry sectors (government, healthcare, etc.), with a special emphasis on KOC Group. The capture solutions offered by 360 Solutions will now have a strong presence on the Turkish market.

360 Solutions signed a Master Distributorship with Ephesoft

360 Solutions L.L.C. a leading provider of content-driven process applications today announced it has signed a Master Distributorship with Ephesoft, Inc. the leader in providing advanced cloud-ready capture solutions.

360 Solutions will act as the Master Distributor for the GCC region as well as representing Ephesoft in Turkey from its Istanbul offices. With this partnership, 360 Solutions now has all of the core capabilities necessary to provide market- leading capture and content management applications.
“This partnership is consistent with our stated expansion strategy and in an adjacent area of interest that we’ve been talking about for some time now. It fundamentally allows us to provide more actionable information to our customers sooner than would otherwise be possible,” said Arash Kiani Tari, Chief Executive Officer of 360 Solutions. “Ephesoft is a great fit with 360 Solutions as the leadership team has prior experience in the Content Capture market, and the technology is an ideal complement to our existing product offerings. We’re pleased to welcome Ephesoft to the 360 Solutions family.”

ABOUT EPHESOFT: Ephesoft, Inc. is headquartered in Laguna Hills, California with an office in Maidenhead, England. Ephesoft’s document capture solutions are open-source and cloud-ready, offering extreme flexibility and accessibility for a wide range of customers. The company has been experiencing rapid growth in both the US and EMEA markets. For more information visit http://www.ephesoft.com.