Hazim Hamid (Technical Support Engineer from 360 Solutions) attends Ephesoft Training in London

Hazim Hamid, Technical Support Engineer at 360 Solutions, attended the Certification & Training class of Ephesoft in London from April 30th up to May 2nd, 2013. We are proud to announce that Hazim passed successfully his Ephesoft certification exam and now he is a certified Ephesoft engineer.
This will allow 360 Solutions to serve better its customers in terms of installation and support.
360 Solutions’ consultants will follow the Ephesoft training curriculum in the coming weeks.

360 Solutions enables its branch in Turkey

April 14th- April 17th, Dubai- 360 Solutions held training at their Dubai office to enable the sales and pre-sales staff from the 360 Solutions office in Turkey on their capture solutions. The participants discussed market strategies and opportunities in various industry sectors (government, healthcare, etc.), with a special emphasis on KOC Group. The capture solutions offered by 360 Solutions will now have a strong presence on the Turkish market.

360 Solutions participates at Kofax Partner Enablement Workshop in Dubai

360 Solutions joined clients and Kofax partners network in the Middle East at the Kofax Partner Workshop in Dubai on 21 and 22 November 2012.  This event provided us with opportunities to get insights and updates about new Kofax products and initiatives as well as to interact with Kofax customers and partners.

Our technical team participated in technical discussions and training sessions to get practical knowledge about capture enabled BPM solutions.

TotalAgility BPM training week at 360 Solutions in Dubai

TotalAgility training was held at 360 Solutions premises for one of our customers who recently joined the Singularity TotalAgility family. The training session was led by one of Singularity’s certified Agile instructors and during the course the participants were provided the chance to obtain in-depth knowledge about TotalAgility and practice in a fully interactive environment.

The course curriculum was designed to allow all participants to access the key elements of training and practice – no matter what their current skill levels – and ensuring that there was enough time for each of them absorb and try out everything taught, providing the instructor with useful feedback and interaction – and at the same time having opportunities for creative thinking about the application and having fun.

Thanks to the Singularity team for facilitating this!