Digitizing Old Documents- Challenges

Digitizing old documents is a very different process, comparing to the digitization of new recent documents. The process needs a very careful planning and a precise execution.

What are the main challenges according to our experience?

  • The paper is fragile, especially if stored without special care or affected by unfavorable weather conditions, especially humidity and sun. So unstapeling and inserting in the production scanner should be done in a very careful way, in order not to destroy some time historical documents.
  • The paper type used in organizations during the last century is different than the paper as we know it today- sometimes extra glossy and thick, which is a considerable challenge in the process of capture.
  • The text and images on the paper have started to fade, some of the documents are practically unreadable, so it needs an additional work on the electronic image after the scanning, in order to provide a good quality output.
  • The majority of the old documents are typed on a typewriting machine.
    There is a considerable amount of hand written documents.
  • Small paper notes and remarks attached to main documents, providing significant information, that has to be captured separately.
  • Sometimes the old documents are not segregated and stored in the categories, desired by the customer. This adds additional effort and time to perform the correct classification.

360 Solutions has successfully completed several projects of digitizing old documents, and our team would be happy to meet and share its experience in this regard. Contact us for a meeting.