The Document Capture process and some examples

Document capture includes scanning and capturing all the information from paper and electronic files and converting it into a format useful to the customer for meaningful search and retrieval (searchable digital archive), delivering it all into core business applications, processes, and workflows. The output files can be PDF, JPEG, TIFF, GIF, or any other media as required. The electronic files get organized in a selected folder structure, allowing the customer to keep the data safe and easily accessible.

Invoice Processing

For example, with an invoice that you have just captured using our market-leading technology, you now will be able to automatically process it through your Accounts Payable System. How? The Intelligent software gathers key information on the Invoice, validates it, and then submits it to your Accounts Payable process.

Sales Order Processing

Another example, Sales Orders- with capture you can automatically capture the Sales Orders and start the sales order process immediately by automatically getting the information quickly and accurately.

Purchase order Processing

Let’s continue with the examples…Manufacturers and suppliers have to deal with hundreds and thousands of purchase orders every day, each requiring fast processing and delivery. If organizations have to deal manually with such a volume of documents this will be very expensive, time-consuming and inaccurate. The ongoing capture technology will allow a very simple and cost-effective process- the relevant purchase information gets automatically extracted and exported for example to a logistics application, managing invoicing and delivery.

HR Documents Processing

An example with the HR Department- one of the most paper-intensive departments, having to deal with tons of resumes, applications, legal documents, employee records, etc. Our technology will allow for an automatic digital filing of this critical department in any organization by automatically extracting data and identifying, the searchable PDFs supply easy file access from any location.

Citibank Dubai selects 360 Solutions

360 Solutions today announces it has been selected by Citibank Dubai to provide support services around the installed capture solution. 360 Solutions will provide Citibank with on-site support resources migrating the current capture implementation to its latest version and also support driving further adaption of the system. The agreement further strengthens 360 Solutions leading position within the FSI market of the U.A.E.

TotalAgility BPM training week at 360 Solutions in Dubai

TotalAgility training was held at 360 Solutions premises for one of our customers who recently joined the Singularity TotalAgility family. The training session was led by one of Singularity’s certified Agile instructors and during the course the participants were provided the chance to obtain in-depth knowledge about TotalAgility and practice in a fully interactive environment.

The course curriculum was designed to allow all participants to access the key elements of training and practice – no matter what their current skill levels – and ensuring that there was enough time for each of them absorb and try out everything taught, providing the instructor with useful feedback and interaction – and at the same time having opportunities for creative thinking about the application and having fun.

Thanks to the Singularity team for facilitating this!

360 Solutions partners with Kofax

As part of our strategic vision to broaden our end-to-end business solution offerings, 360 Solutions has signed a partnership agreement with the award winning leader in document capture services, Kofax (USA.). We are already making good inroads into this market in the Middle East and look forward to a succesful long term relationship with Kofax.

For more than 20 years, Kofax has provided award winning solutions that automate document driven business processes by managing the capture, transformation and exchange of business critical information arising in paper, fax and electronic formats in a more accurate, timely and cost effective manner.