360 Solutions provides E-Forms & E-Portals (Web Capture Solutions)- a line of business applications accessible via the web to the point where information originates. Capture enabling portal applications facilitate applicants not only to apply but to easily scan the accompanying paper documents and submit all information electronically through e-forms which not only reduces the paperwork and costs but increases efficiency.

Additional advantages are: elimination of dual data entry, accurate completion, reduced processing time, reduced printing costs, high security levels.  This way the organizations ensure sending accurate, actionable information into their business processes directly from documents received from their customer through a capture enabled portal web portal.

Extending the power of capturing documents at the source, across the Internet, minimizes process latency and improves an organization’s ability to be more responsive to its customers.


  • Reduction of operating costs
  • Accelerating processing times
  • Increase of information quality
  • Decreasing cost for serving customers
  • Customer service improvement
  • Enhanced regulatory compliance