Importance of Mortgage and Loan Processing automation

The banks and financial institutes in the Middle East, especially in the United Arab Emirates, are aware of the importance of automation of mortgage and loan processes (application processing, approval, modification, collection, etc.), Automation means more efficiency, security, flexibility, compliance, visibility.

360 Solutions assists for automating the manual steps of mortgage and loan origination & processing by imaging and content management, and a robust business process management- capturing any paper or electronic document- from virtually anywhere, any source; with a smartphone, tablet device, desktop scanner or MFP; classify and extract the required information from any form or document; instantly insert it into the process , delivering consistent performance to meet increasing customer demands, achieve regulatory compliance.

By streamlining the flow of critical information the financial institutions can execute repeatable processes like mortgage and loan processing in a consistent manner across the organization, optimizing resource efficiency, cost and service delivery, with minimized IT support.


  • Process moves to the next step automatically
  • Increasing efficiency
  • Elimination of duplication
  • Transparency
  • Elimination of processing errors
  • Quality control
  • Reduced lending lifecycle times
  • Improved communication with customers
  • Compliance
  • Easy, low-cost IT integration and support