• Improved customer satisfaction due to faster customer and client onboarding
  • Minimizing of manual steps in the processes
  • Accuracy
  • Security
  • Improved monitoring and reporting
  • Availability of customer documents for review by regulators at all times

360 Solutions assists organizations in the UAE and Middle East to build consistent, timely and appropriate customer- centric approach, while working closely with the client’s team to map business priorities, analyze document handling current state, define gaps in communication with new customers and suggest methods for quick customer engagement, adequate respond to customer’s expectations, personalized dialogue.

As customer onboard is a document-driven business process- any manual document classification and manual data entry inevitably slows it down, leads to poor customer service, errors and confidentiality concerns. Capturing, transforming, integrating and exchanging information in a fully automated and auditable way is the key to optimizing such a complex business process. 

360 Solutions provides solutions for automatic capture, classifying, extracting and validating information through a touchless process, inserting the purified information into an ongoing process, initiating a new process or send it to a line of business application, content repository, ERP or CRM system, or Microsoft SharePoint, whether it originates in the form of paper, fax, email, SMS, XML or PDF format. The front office capture system allows the staff to focus on customer service rather than getting involved in manual procedures like collection, classification and moving of documents to the concerned department, provided that the risk of errors and mishandling are eliminated.  On the other hand the back office enabled by capture efficiently stores, shares and archives the gathered information.