360 Solutions offers a powerful but easy to use correspondence management system to address real-world business requirements.

The correspondence management system addresses in particular the correspondence challenges to consistently manage and track communication between various departments, branches, remote sites, suppliers, partners, customers, while also providing 100% real-time visibility and accountability. In addition the application allows to attach documents and to dynamically add notes to the correspondence.

The application is fully integrated with capture solutions allowing the users to scan paper documents which will in turn be automatically converted into electronic documents, attached to the correspondence management system and moved by the workflow to the appropriate destination and user. Custom templates can be created with embedded workflows that match the particular business processes of each group of users. The information can be easily published, accessed, shared and approved by management.


  • Overall communication performance improvement both internally and externally;
  • Reduces time and cost associated with paper-based correspondence management;
  • Easy to manage documents and files; Easy networking routing;
  • Easy monitoring of performance; Report generation ability;
  • Branches and sites can be remotely connected;
  • Reduces the decision making time resulting in quicker turnaround time, leading to satisfied customers and increased profits;
  • Record receipts and issuance of Documents and Files;
  • Generation of tracking and status related reports of Documents and Files.

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