Since 2006 360 Solutions has been providing key software solutions to organizations in UAE and Middle East across a whole range of industries.If you’ve noticed some warning signs like: employees cannot find important documents, running out of office space because of increasing load of paper, slow invoice and purchase order processing, lack of coordination, unhappy customers, etc. you may be need to consider one of our solutions. Learn more…

correspondence management system

Correspondence Management System

360 Solutions offers a powerful but easy to use correspondence management system to address real-world business requirements. The correspondence management system addresses in particular the correspondence challenges to consistently manage and track communication between various departments, branches, remote sites, suppliers, partners, customers, while also providing 100% real-time visibility and accountability. In addition the application allows read on

Mortgage and Loan Processing

Importance of Mortgage and Loan Processing automation The banks and financial institutes in the Middle East, especially in the United Arab Emirates, are aware of the importance of automation of mortgage and loan processes (application processing, approval, modification, collection, etc.), Automation means more efficiency, security, flexibility, compliance, visibility. 360 Solutions assists for automating the manual read on
customer onboarding

Customer and Cient Onboarding

Benefits  Improved customer satisfaction due to faster customer and client onboarding Minimizing of manual steps in the processes Accuracy Security Improved monitoring and reporting Availability of customer documents for review by regulators at all times Contact us today 360 Solutions assists organizations in the UAE and Middle East to build consistent, timely and appropriate customer- read on
invoice processing

Invoice Processing and AP Automation

Invoice Processing and Accounts Payable (AP) Automation in the Middle East or the reasons why some Finance Heads AVOID them: Account Payable staff costs: “AP staff are relatively inexpensive in the region, so why bother? Besides I like having a big team…” Cultural barriers: Many finance departments are dominated by different cultural groups. This can read on
mailroom automation

Mailroom Automation

360 Solutions’ team can assist the organizations in the GCC and UAE in particular with mailroom automation- by analyzing the existing processes, suggesting and implementing an appropriate mailroom solution to automate the classification and extraction of all incoming mail.The solution allows the clients to capture, route and process important information as soon as it enters read on

Insurance Claims Processing and Insurance document solutions

Importance of Insurance Claims Process and Insurance document automation Insurance Claims Process is pure net spend for most Insurance companies. It’s an area of the business that needs to work efficiently, cost effectively and with little disruption as possible. With daily business pressures of declining margins, rising claims and fraud risk – Insurance companies can read on
e-forms and e-portal

Web Capture Solutions

360 Solutions provides E-Forms & E-Portals (Web Capture Solutions)- a line of business applications accessible via the web to the point where information originates. Capture enabling portal applications facilitate applicants not only to apply but to easily scan the accompanying paper documents and submit all information electronically through e-forms which not only reduces the paperwork read on
supply chain management

E-Procurement and Supply Chain Management

Nature of Supply Chain Management process Supply chain management process is complex, involving goods expedition and delivery from the warehouse to customers. It is quite difficult to manage by using only traditional methods and tools. 360 Solutions can offer to the organizations in the GCC and UAE a new generation of stable, flexible, supporting a read on

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