We provide virtual assistance via 360 Virtual Assistants (360 VA)- a business support unit within 360 Solutions founded in 2008 delivering remotely in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, other emirates in the UAE, and around the world customized, cost effective, innovative, modern and up-to-date virtual business and lifestyle solutions to both small and large companies, as well as to individuals with extremely busy lifestyles- executives, entrepreneurs, top level managers, business persons or socialites, in a completely secure and confidential manner.
The world is changing and going going more and more virtual, especially now in the COVID-19 pandemic environment, which allows the 360 Virtual Assistants without necessarily being physically present at your office and empowered by the modern technologies for secure transfer of information, to provide vital business, general administration, secretarial or personal assistance support. The virtual assistance is available at your convenient time and ready to be utilized whenever needed, keeping your business, personal and confidential information safe.
360 VA is a desired global partner serving customers in UAE and worldwide through an expanding network of virtual assistance partners around the world. The team is well coordinated, professional, experienced, accurate, creative, knowledgeable, multitasking, dedicated and reliable.

Our mission is to assist your business and help your business strategies work, free valuable time for important things in your life, while keeping your confidential information safe.

How 360 Virtual Assistants (360 VA) work 

  • 360 Virtual Assistants can be a vital element of your office and handle the jobs you cannot go without: general office assistance, secretarial, data entry, website on-line chat, personal or executive assistance, office management, marketing, social media and app management (Facebook, Instagram, Whats app, ect.) etc.;
  • 360 Virtual Assistants can work on full, part time or on-project basis, virtually or occasionally on-site;
  • 360 Virtual Assistants normally communicate via email or online chat systems like whats app, imo, skype, etc. and phone, etc.

Key benefits to hire 360 Virtual Assistants 

  • No full time admin staff at your office to pay for (office space and equipment, salary, visa, health insurance, maternity leave, sick leave, end-of-service benefits, bonuses or incentives, etc.) or manage in terms of internal human resources (360 Virtual Assistants is an independent contractor bound by a legal contract to provide certain services to its clients.);
  • Increased efficiency of your administration & business support;
  • Flexibility to meet urgent deadlines in times of staff shortage or season peaks;
  • Administration, business & lifestyle support at any location of the world;
  • Security in handling and transferring information backed by a signed Confidential Agreement.

360 Virtual Assistance quality assurance 

  • Professionals in handling business correspondence;
  • Excellent in arranging daily schedule and meetings;
  • Experienced in business trips arrangements;
  • Accurate in preparing of documents;
  • Innovative in creating texts;
  • Knowledgeable on how to deal with logistics;
  • Passionate to set up your business and client database;
  • Creative in delivering your identity;
  • Multitasking in arranging your everyday life and social participation;

360 Virtual Assistance anytime anywhere 

  • No matter where in the world you are- Dubai, Abu Dhabi, other emirate in the UAE or anywhere else;
  • No matter you are at the office or home;
  • No matter it’s holiday or out of business hours;
    YOU DECIDE…………………

360 VA Services 

  • General Administration & Personal Virtual Business Support
  •  Daily schedule management accompanied by a reminders system;
     Meeting and event planning;
     Business trips arrangements (airline, hotel, restaurant, event, etc. bookings, ticketing and participation);
     Local or internet researches;
     Business correspondence management;
     E-mail and live chat customer support services;
     Data management
     Preparation of various types of documents (letters, agreements, reports, presentations, etc.);
     Proof reading- English (editing the grammar, punctuation and clarity of written material);
     Liaising with couriers, suppliers, logistics, etc.;
     Business set up management in the U.A.E.

  • Project based Virtual Business Support
  • Short term virtual business support for limited period of time supplying direct and personal attention to your project, from A to Z, an insurance to meet the project deadlines.

  • On-Site Business Assistance
  • Hourly Personal Assistant for your meetings, seminars, conferences and other events.

  • Content Writing
  •  Creative content writing on various topics;
     Key word rich content for Websites (Blogs);
     Newsletters;
     Marketing materials;
     Translation

  • Social Media Support
  •  Setting up and managing client’s professional Social Network profiles on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin, etc.;
    Regular postings on local network and social websites;
     Managing client’s online reputation;
     Promoting and managing client’s blogs;
     Ongoing marketing services to build social networking presence within these social media sites;
     Customer service support through online feedback opportunities;

  • Virtual Lifestyle Support
  •  Personal diary management and reminders (doctor’s appointments, SPA days & breaks, special occasions; tickets for cinema, sports and music events, etc.);
     Budget management & handling your monthly bills;
     Researches on where to find what;
     Shopping on- line;
     Event organizing and preparation of the guest list;
     Gift consulting and finding, flower bouquet delivery;
     Liaising with government and private institutions on your behalf;
     Relocation management;
     Holiday & weekend organizing (spotting the perfect location for you, travel, hotel booking & program management);
     Dealing with pets holiday arrangements;

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