At 360 Solutions, we offer the leading market software available in Document Capture and the expertise to install, configure and utilize it effectively.

Why capture documents?

Whether it be through email, fax, text, mobile or post – your company increasingly uses documents in business but also needs to process them faster than ever before. The world has also become ever more demanding on the turnaround time taken from receiving business documents to when they are finally actioned both internally and externally. These added demands have made the importance of error free automation essential by removing human error in manual processes.

Organisations can now capture documents by scanning them using Intelligence Capture software, so that they can be immediately stored to their backend systems for record keeping. This first basic step stops unnecessary duplication of documents circulating internally through email. Secondly the Intelligent Software captures information from these documents. This allows companies to be far more dynamic by using this captured document information to start or drive a particular business process.

Example 1
With an invoice that you have just captured using our market leading technology, you now will be able to automatically process it through your Accounts Payable System. How? The Intelligent software gathers key information on the Invoice, validates it and then submits to your Accounts Payable process.

Example 2
Sales Orders. With capture you can automatically capture the Sales Orders and start the sales order process immediately by automatically getting the information quickly and accurately.

Intelligent enterprise capture solutions are crucial for organizations wanting to streamline document-driven business processes. Using intelligent enterprise capture solutions improves process improvement and cost reduction for many paper-intensive processes which exist in almost every Industry. By transforming paper into actionable electronic information, organizations can reduce costs, improve the speed / efficiency of business processes, eliminate processing errors, and ensure Audit trails.


  • It’s time to get serious about going paperless. Finally commit your organization to the elimination of touching, posting and storing paper. When you can effectively transform paper documents into digital data, you gain more control over cost, compliance and customer service. No need for cluttered offices and disorganisation.
  • Provide the right information quickly and at the right time to make the right decision. When you can rapidly and accurately extract data from transactional documents, quickly understand its relevance, and direct it to the people and processes that need it, your organization can achieve intelligent process automation for increased customer engagement.
  • Eliminate the information roadblocks that have grown up over time. Today’s organizations struggle with the real problem of information trapped in data and process silos across the enterprise, which is only accelerating with increased mobile, social and cloud infrastructures. Document Imaging and Capture solutions can connect content across multichannel inputs and multiple repositories and business systems to provide a single view of content in content.