Using digital archiving makes organizations more efficient, saves time and money in finding documents that would otherwise be lost or mislaid. Further savings can be made on the office space and overheads required to store paperwork.
Going paperless also saves the environment and makes the organizations green.

Onsite Digital Archiving Service

  • 360 Solutions can digitally archive paper documents for any customer in the UAE, onsite at their premises. Our comprehensive backlog scanning service also integrates the scanned documents into your existing Backend System or ECM system. This makes it then possible for our clients to search and find any scanned document instantly.
  • We provide all the scanning staff, software, and hardware to complete the digital archiving conversion project, all the client needs to do is provide the space. If space is not available onsite at the clients’ premises, we can provide the scanning services offsite.
  • We have successfully completed Digital Backlog projects for varying industries and customers, their business types may be different but they all have the same common issue – paper and document build up.
  • We can scan varieties of sizes, color, and types of documents using our high-speed production scanners within the defined time frame.


  • Saves money and reduces costs-Storing physical paper costs money whether it’s on your company premises or offsite.
  • Easy accessibility to employees – no wasted time trying to retrieve documents, instantly find a document.
  • Audit trail and Preservation for the future, or in case of a natural disaster (flood, fire, etc.)
  • Streamline workflow. Once a document is digital it can be a part of your document-centric business process
  • Going paperless and green.

360 Solutions can digitally archive paper documents for any customer in the UAE(Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah) from various industries (government, manufacturing, healthcare, insurance, banks, etc.) with a full range of backlog scanning services of paper documents (applications, claim forms, marketing documents- surveys/ catalogs, bills/ invoices, expense reports, account statements, inventory reports, legal reports, medical records, orders, human resources and company records, drawings/ designs, regulatory and compliance document, etc.) on highly competitive prices, integrate them into a certain management system and makes it possible for any organization to search and retrieve electronically any piece of paper.

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