Why Document Management? Is managing all the paper-based and electronic information in your organization becoming a nightmare?

360 Solutions can help organizations in the Middle East, Gulf countries and UAE with a professional and presonalized approach to find and tailor the right document management solution to automate their document driven business processes and integrate it with the existing system, utilizing the very best from a world leaders in this field.
The document management solution will allow to capture documents, store digital files, adjust information, in a secure way.

From claims processing in insurance, account opening in banking, archiving in government, electronic health records (EHR) in health care, records management in energy and utilities, messaging and customer service in telecommunications, to cash improvement in retail –certified engineers and professionals from 360 Solutions work with the organization to identify the requirements and propose a solution – on time and on budget.

Benefits of finding the right solution

  • Save storage space occupied by paper documents
  • No lost files
  • Improved regulatory compliance
  • Improved internal operation
  • Cost saving
  • Enhanced security
  • Better cash flow
  • Competitiveness