360 Solutions provides the Telecom industry in the Gulf region and Middle East with a wide range of end-to-end software solutions addressing such critical issues as transformation of operations, product development excellence, optimizing service delivery, stop frauds, generating new sources of revenue, achieving service excellence. The dynamic business environment, changing telecom practices, severe competition in terms of (other telecoms, VOIP services,various apps), increased customer expectations, demand greater agility, error minimization and more customer- oriented approach from the Telecom service providers and we are here to support them with solutions such as digital archiving, customer on-boarding, billing management, customer service management, mail room automation, invoice processing, document managing system and much more.
The main challenges to telecoms remain the high operational cost as they have to continuously invest in high- end technologies, support centers and personnel training, while their customers grow more and more demanding. Therefore automation and latest telecom solutions on the market have to play a significant role in their growth.

    • Customer On-Boarding

Introducing a new customer to the telecom, is an important first step which can make somebody a new customer or turn him away to another competitor offering a smoother, faster and more rewarding ways of involvement. A proper centralized, standard and automated customer introduction, not only in telecom industry but in all the other industries, is a key to score more benefits in the future: when the customer enrolls in more products and services and spreads the word- of- mouth within his social circle.

    • Document Management System (DMS)

The DMS sets and automates easily the electronic forms routing and approvals (adding features like notifications and escalation), optimize the document- centric business processes and makes it easy their modelling, ensures transparency knowing the status at any given time, improves the efficiency, saves money, leads to enhanced customer experience.

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