360 Solutions has developed and implemented in the oil and gas industry in UAE, in particular in ADNOC- Abu Dhabi (ADGAS, National Drilling, etc.), where this industry sector is well developed and of strategic importance, software solutions (correspondence management system, mail room automation, e-invoicing, e-procurement- supply management, purchase order processing, invoicing, etc.) and has been offering digital archiving services to automate the workflows of plant operations and maintenance; for a better collaboration and improved safety during engineering and construction projects across the team members; to increase productivity and efficiency, ensure quality, monitor performance and cut cost in the back office operations, etc.

360 Solutions’ team gained significant experience working with government structures in oil and gas industry in Abu Dhabi, assisting all the way from defining the ways for achieving agility in the organizations to implementation and integration to support their everyday operations.

    • Digital Archiving

As oil and gas industry is paper intensive and it has been building a significant amount of paper taking their storage space, 360 Solutions helped digitizing all documents of various formats (including historical documents dated back to the 60s) of numerous departments (HR, Procurement, Process engineering & Energy department, Engineering process, etc.) and assisted them take a step towards a paperless and greener business environment.

    • On-Going Document Capture

Some of the departments of our oil and gas customers- ADNOC, took a further step by implementing an on-going document capture solution to manage the daily amounts of generated document paper by automatic capture and indexing. For example in Procurement department our team installed an on-going document capture solution to manage the entire Procurement operations (contracts, supply & logistics materials, etc.). 360 Solutions also provided an on-site training and support for the new document capture software solution to all the business users.”

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