The main problem that manufacturing not only in the UAE and Middle East, but also globally, face is the lack of a robust platform for orchestrating end-to-end business processes (production scheduling, managing orders and materials, quality, supply, delivery, distribution, customer service, etc.) across people and systems.

360 Solutions can help small and enterprise organizations with the transition to e-manufacturing- to select and implement solutions for tracking and tracing, monitoring, material management, customer service in production environment, to eliminate brand, financial and compliance risks.(paper document digitizing, e-procurement- supply management, purchase order processing, invoice processing, etc. , human resources solutions (time sheet management, recruitment, payroll management, etc., mail room automation, correspondence management system, etc.)
The automation in manufacturing processes plays a significant role to improve the quality of the products, eliminate errors, increase the production rate, cut costs, develop and implement innovative business models, maximize the human resources efficiency.

    • Supply Chain Management (SCM)

In times of globalization and soaring customers’ demands SCM gives competitive advantage to manufacturers. SCM organizes and manages the procurement structure: procurement of raw materials and liaising with suppliers, manufacturing facilities, warehouses, monitoring stocks, inventory management, order processing, delivery of quality goods to showrooms or customers, compliance with certain standards and policies.

    • Accounts Payable automation

AP automation streamlines the account payable processes from arrival to payment: incoming invoices classification, distribution to concerned departments and people, invoice approval, invoice data capture validation and verification. Automation contributes to greater efficiency, clarity, minimization of errors, high return of investment (ROI).

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