Healthcare organizations are under constant pressure for digital transformation, especially during the COVID-19 outbreak, to improve healthcare quality and cut costs at the same time, overcome supply disruption, address shortage issues, liaise with the official health authorities, protect sensitive data, etc. A major part of the problem is that healthcare remains a paper-intensive industry, with nearly 90% of patient-related and claims information still being paper-based…

360 Solutions enables the healthcare institutes and organizations with tailor-made technology solutions to provide better services to their patients, secure the patients’ information, achieve operational efficiency. We empower the medical and administrative staff of clinics and hospitals with technology and process, providing real-time instant access to patients records(medical records, lab results, list of medication, etc.) and operational insides, especially in critical moments.
360 Solutions can digitize the paper medical files of hospitals and clinics in the UAE; automate the patient onboarding process; offer invoice processing, correspondence management system, etc. which can increase efficiency and allow to provide better care for the patients.

360 Solutions enables Hospitals and Clinics to automate their document-driven processes by capturing all health, patient. or financial information at the point of entry, transforming it into actionable information for processing. We can capture and process any type of healthcare document, including ID cards, admission forms, claims, invoices, reports, charts, MRIs, EKGs, and X-ray images.

    • Patients’ Records

The average cost of preparing, archiving, and retrieving a single patient record is 24 AED. By implementing automated document capture you can significantly reduce these costs while improving provider efficiency and patient service levels.

    • Healthcare Claims

Healthcare claims and remittance volumes are predicted to more than double by the year 2020. Large cost savings come from intelligent document recognition, validation, and extraction technology, which can automatically extract data from complex claim forms.

    • Electronic Document Archiving Services

It’s very easy for Healthcare organisations to drown in trying manager their patient documents.
360 Solutions offers a digital archiving backlog service that electronically converts documents for archiving and indexes them for ease of retrieval by medical staff. We can do this onsite.

    • Accounts Payable

Automated invoice processing enables healthcare administrators to reduce manual labor through intelligent recognition of invoice header and line item information, to control paper flow through centralized and distributed capture of paper invoices at their point of origination.

To explore how 360 Solutions can help your business to implement real changes that will impact efficiency, effectiveness and your bottom line…

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