360 Solutions assists public sector (government institutions) for E-Government initiatives like Smart Dubai and Smart Abu Dhabi (E-Access, E-Forms, E-Payment, E-Documents, etc.) in the UAE and Middle East by consulting and implementing technology solutions (digital archiving, customer on-boarding, mail room automation, correspondence management system, invoice processing, human resources solutions, contact center solutions, citizen and expats request management system, complaint management, etc.) for transforming from traditional department centric model to a citizen and expat centric model, to streamline and automate processes like client identification, data collection and documentation processes in order to meet the increasing customers’ demand for better quality and responsiveness, expanding the reach and accessibility for allowing a faster and more transparent access to government services.
360 Solutions answers the government’s call in UAE for business agility and digitization moves, implementing artificial intelligence (AI) in the government policies and the use of e-services, developing smart apps, growing smart cities, extended use of technology, ensuring regulatory compliance at the same time

    • Mailroom automation

The increasing volume of letters, inquiries, applications, claims, forms, surveys, etc. to and from the government institutions every day, to and from citizens and expats, requires efficient tools to manage and process documents while maximum reducing the manual steps and time, cost, errors, steps duplication, security issues, etc. Implementing mailroom automation enhances the speed of forms processing and customers’ experience through standardizing the classification and document routing process,

    • Electronic archiving

360 Solutions BPO division creates and implements customized e-archiving strategies to respond to the growing need of government institutions in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and other emirates in the UAE to digitize their documents, shift their services on-line, especially now in the reality of COVID-19 pandemic, and go green.
The electronic archiving (digitization) is a fast response to support the government offices on the path to e-government.

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