360 Solutions provides back and front office software solutions (customer on-boarding, mortgage and loan processing, credit risk management, loan risk management, mail room automation, invoice processing, etc.) to the banking and financial services (banks, credit unions, insurance institutions, investment companies, brokerage firms, etc.) in the Middle East and UAE in particular to optimize their processes; manage the complexity, risks and costs; improve the customer experience; create new venue sources; attract new customers; boost the income ration; build forecasts and business strategies; assist to building agility and competitiveness in a constantly changing global environment.
360 Solutions assisted well- known banks in UAE (Commercial Bank of Dubai, City Bank, etc.) to face some of the challenges of the rapidly changing banking and financial services sector. As banks are paper intensive institutions, one of the first issue to tackle is document digitizing and archiving, and minimizing the future generation of paper documents. Our team implemented for our banking and financial services customers strategy for a greener business environment based on an on- going document capture solution.

    • Business Process Modelling and Analysis

360 Solutions’ team analyses and models the banking and financial services’ business processes together with their customers, while outlining the weak points, risks, compliance issues. As a result there come recommendations on how to optimize the business process model (design and development) to measure up with the standards in the industry in terms of cost effectiveness, customer satisfaction and efficiency.

    • Document Capture solutions

The document capture solutions help the banking and financial services to: reduce the use of paper as the capture happens at the point of origination, automate further their processes as the documents are indexed automatically and distributed to the concerned departments, and to increase the customers’ satisfaction, minimizing the risk of errors. The document capture solutions are crucial for the account opening process, reducing the labor intensive steps and turning the attention to the customers’ needs.

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