360 Solutions provides tailored software solutions for aviation- international and local airlines in the UAE and the Middle East, as well as for the charter and private services, airport operations, to increase their business efficiency while enjoying significant cost savings; for better sale, marketing and operation: market research management, contract management, finance solutions (invoice processing), e-procurement (supply management, purchase order processing, invoicing, etc.), back office and quality assurance management (customer relations management), correspondence management system, crew management, human resources solutions (time sheet management, recruitment, payroll management, etc.), in-flight catering management, flight operation management, etc.

There are a variety of approaches to digitally transform the aviation industry but all lead to generation of a better revenue, improvement of customer experience, cost saving, increased efficiency and competitiveness.

How can we help here?

    • Customer Claims Management

As the number of passengers’ claims and demands in aviation increase significantly day by day there is no place for an out- dated and time consuming system. A much needed customer claims process automation can centralize and streamline the whole process to save time and cost.

    • Document Digitization

Essential aviation document scanning (technical records, inventory lists, HR files, finance department documents, etc.) of all sizes and document archiving for an easy, full, instant and simultaneous access, via a secure login whenever needed.

    • Invoice Processing or E-Invoicing

Simplifies the aviation operation, sets a unifies standard of billing, decreases the internal cost, reduces the time for producing invoices, adds more accuracy, clarity and quality, provides audit trails, grows the revenue due to the automation of the process.

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