The growth of the automotive industry in GCC, UAE (especially in the distribution and retail areas) and worldwide demands rapid digital transformation and getting accustomed to AI solutions, Ecommerce and other modern alternatives for improving customer satisfaction while reducing costs to stay ahead of the competition, attract investments and answer the growing environmental concerns. As a paper driven industry their documents need a precise segregation, classification, electronic capturing and grouping according to certain criteria, allowing an easy search from multiple users at the same time.
For example 360 Solutions team has developed a customer care application for one of the leaders in the automotive industry in the UAE for improving dealer relationships and after sale service

360 Solutions main offerings for the automotive industry include: business process consultancy and software solutions for automating the back office processes, digital archiving of the paper files and documentation, mail room automation, customer on boarding, invoice processing, etc.

    • Electronic document capturing

    • Customer complaint system

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