Since 2006 we implemented a range of  software solutions for automating organizations of key industry sectors in the UAE and Middle East: Oil& Gas, Banking& Financial Services, Manufacturing, Government, Healthcare, Automotive; to increase productivity, improve customer satisfaction, reduce labour cost, boost further savings. We believe that technology is the key for industry transformation. 
If you feel that your organization can be more efficient, our team of consultants can help you identify the problem and find a solution to boost your agility. On the other hand, we’ve spent a significant amount of time to study the most common problems that organizations from various industry sectors face, so we are ready to offer you ready solutions to address your needs.
Another crucial issue that we prioritize is the seamless integration with other core business softwares. Out team ensures not only implementation and customization, but smooth integration too.
As a next step we equip the customers with tools and knowledge to navigate the solution through the modules of our Training process.



Healthcare organisations are under constant pressure to improve healthcare quality and cut costs at the same time. A major part of the problem is that healthcare remains a paper-intensive industry, with nearly 90% of patient-related and claims information still being paper-based… 360 Solutions enables the healthcare institutes and organization with tailor made technology solutions to read on


The growth of the automotive industry in GCC demands improving customer satisfaction while reducing costs in order to stay ahead of the competition. We’ve developed a customer care application for one of the leaders in the automotive industry in the UAE for improving dealer relationships and after sale service. 360 Solutions offers business process consultancy and read on


360 Solutions offers to the growing hospitality sector (hospitality groups,hotels & resorts, cinemas, etc.) in the UAE software solutions to boost profits while giving customers a personalized guest experience (archive digitizing, mailroom automation, invoice processing, correspondence management system, etc. Our powerful technology strategy is the key to your success and staying ahead of the competition read on


360 Solutions provides tailored software solutions for aviation- international and local airlines in the UAE and the Middle East, as well as for the charter services, to increase their business efficiency while enjoying significant cost savings; for better sale, marketing and operation: market research management, contract management, finance solutions (invoice processing), e-procurement (supply management, purchase read on
oil and gas industry

Oil and Gas

360 Solutions offers software solutions for oil and gas industry to automate the workflows for plant operations and maintenance, for a better collaboration during engineering and construction projects across the team members  (digital archiving, correspondence management system, mailroom automation, e-procurement (supply management, purchase order processing, invoicing, etc.), invoice processing, etc.) in particular for the GCC countries and the UAE, read on
banking & financial services

Banking & Financial Services

360 Solutions provides software back and front office solutions to the banking & financial services in the Middle East and UAE in particular to optimize their processes, manage the complexity, risks and costs, improve the customer experience, create new venue sources, attract new customers, boost the income ration, build forecasts and business strategies, assist being read on


The main problem that manufacturing not only in the UAE and Middle East, but also globally, face is the lack of a robust platform for orchestrating end-to-end business processes (production scheduling, managing orders and materials, quality, supply, delivery, distribution, customer service, etc.) across people and systems. 360 Solutions can help small and enterprise organizations with read on


360 Solutions provides the Telecom industry in the Gulf region and Middle East with a wide range of end-to-end software solutions addressing such critical issues as transformation of operations, product development excellence, optimizing service delivery, stop frauds, generating new sources of revenue, achieving service excellence. The dynamic business environment, changing telecom practices, severe competition demand read on


360 Solutions assists public sector (government institutions) for E-Government initiatives (E-Access, E-Forms, E-Payment, E-Documents, etc.) in the UAE and Middle East by consulting and implementing technology solutions (digital archiving, customer on boarding, mailroom automation, correspondence management system, invoice processing, human resources solutions, contact center solutions, citizen request management system, complaint management, etc.) for transforming from read on