The Document Capture process and some examples

Document capture includes scanning and capturing all the information from paper and electronic files and converting it into a format useful to the customer for meaningful search and retrieval (searchable digital archive), delivering it all into core business applications, processes, and workflows. The output files can be PDF, JPEG, TIFF, GIF, or any other media as required. The electronic files get organized in a selected folder structure, allowing the customer to keep the data safe and easily accessible.

Invoice Processing

For example, with an invoice that you have just captured using our market-leading technology, you now will be able to automatically process it through your Accounts Payable System. How? The Intelligent software gathers key information on the Invoice, validates it, and then submits it to your Accounts Payable process.

Sales Order Processing

Another example, Sales Orders- with capture you can automatically capture the Sales Orders and start the sales order process immediately by automatically getting the information quickly and accurately.

Purchase order Processing

Let’s continue with the examples…Manufacturers and suppliers have to deal with hundreds and thousands of purchase orders every day, each requiring fast processing and delivery. If organizations have to deal manually with such a volume of documents this will be very expensive, time-consuming and inaccurate. The ongoing capture technology will allow a very simple and cost-effective process- the relevant purchase information gets automatically extracted and exported for example to a logistics application, managing invoicing and delivery.

HR Documents Processing

An example with the HR Department- one of the most paper-intensive departments, having to deal with tons of resumes, applications, legal documents, employee records, etc. Our technology will allow for an automatic digital filing of this critical department in any organization by automatically extracting data and identifying, the searchable PDFs supply easy file access from any location.