Breaking the paper habit at the office

Breaking the so called paper habit is not an easy task, it takes time and efforts to stop reaching for paper in any occasion. Since concerns as correspondence management, privacy and data security have already been taken care of by office automation tools, there is nothing else rather than just the habit.

Before hitting easily “”the print” button, we have to think, that printing in 90% of the cases is unnecessary. Printing for the sake of having a hard copy is a waste and does not add value to the process. Better review and proof reading on paper is something we reach out, without taking in consideration, that the screen provides us with better options for enlarging, locating, searching or correcting the text.

Another common issue at the office is the mindless photocopying. It generates piles of papers, multiplies the overproduction and results in a pure waste.

And here it comes the digital archiving and daily electronic document capture- powerful tools to break the paper habit at the office and change the “traditional way of thinking” of employees, by generating new paper- free routines. The employees will no longer be required to waste time and efforts to walk to printer or photocopying machine, on the contrary- they will become more focused and target- oriented. The security will increase, as confidential documents will no longer go in wrong hands. The paper cost will inevitably decrease, not to mention the environmental effect of such a step. New spaces at the office will become free and available, after removing the unnecessary loads of papers.

If you are ready to start breaking the paper habits in your organizations, contact us today and together we will make the things happen. It’s never too late to go paperless and go green- this is the future!