16 Reasons to digitize your documents

1. Moving to a paperless office and going green.

2. Preserving fragile materials and reducing the deodorization of the original documents. Important documents that need to be preserved over time are used very often. When they’re digital, they can be accessed from time to time, and again and they won’t get damaged over time because of their daily use.

3. Business Process improvement- Going paperless increases the efficiency and accuracy of your process while maintaining a lower cost than traditional documents.

4. Saving money and reducing costs-Storing physical paper costs money whether it’s on your company premises or offsite. Recover valuable hours lost in the daily search for information.

5. Immediate availability, Easy accessibility to employees – no wasted time trying to retrieve documents, instantly find a document. On the contrary- a physical (paper) document can only be accessed by one person at a time.

6. Images can be enlarged or enhanced for greater readability.

7. Copies can easily be sent via e-mail.

8. Images can be linked to more than one project or person.

9. Audit trail and preservation for the future, or in case of a natural disaster (flood, fire, etc.)

10. Security and compliance- Digitizing documents allows you to encrypt and secure data in ways that you cannot secure paper documents. Access can also be easily tracked and reported to compliance agencies.

11. Supporting educational and research activities.

12. Streamline workflow. Once a document is digital it can be a part of your document-centric business process.

13. Improving customer service and allowing employees to work remotely.

14. Fulfilling strategic mission and goals of organizations. Improves the technical infrastructure and personnel.

15. Prepares for disasters- extra assurance if a disaster strikes.

16. Breaking the “paper habit”.

Digital Archiving with 360 Solutions

Regardless of the summertime and holidays just around the corner in the UAE, 360 Solutions has been receiving a lot of last- minute requests from public and private organizations in the country for digital archiving of their paper documents and switching to a paperless office environment. We are more than happy that the majority of companies in the UAE gradually embrace the green idea and make a decision to go paperless and join the “digital family” of 360 Solutions customers.
Due to the high demand, please be advised that you can use the live chat facility on our website to talk to one of our customer representatives, where you can directly share the details of your project requirements. Alternatively, you can fill the pop-up quotation request form, or send an e-mail to our Business Operations Manager, Mariyana Stankova, mariyana@360-solutions.com.
We are glad to help you go green, go paperless!

360 Solutions- a registered supplier of IT products and services for major companies in the UAE

We are glad to announce that 360 Solutions now is an official registered supplier of IT products and services for all the major government institutions, public companies, and private groups of companies from various industry sectors in the United Arab Emirates (in particular Dubai, Abu Dhabi, RAK, Fujairah).
360 Solutions management team is excited to broaden the range of its customers and looking forward to new business collaborations.

Kofax Receives Recognition in Two Gartner Reports

Kofax and its Kofax TotalAgility(TM) platform received recognition in two reports issued by Gartner, Inc., a leading information technology research and advisory company.
Kofax TotalAgility combines market-leading capture, business process management, dynamic case management, data integration, analytics, and mobile capabilities in a single, unified smart process application development and deployment platform. It is available “on-premise” and as a hosted SaaS offering. In a Gartner report entitled “Critical Capabilities for Case Management Frameworks,” Kofax was included in a group of 11 vendors evaluated against 11 critical capabilities in four use cases. The report selected the vendors based on delivering case management frameworks built on top of business process management (BPM) suites. Gartner stated, “Case management frameworks built on BPM suites offer an alternative to specialty applications and custom coding to help solution architects and business process directors implement case management solutions.”
Kofax was also recognized in a Gartner MarketScope for Business Process Management Platform as a Service (PaaS) that compared 14 vendors and their respective BPM PaaS offerings. The report states “…businesses use bpmPaaS to automate business processes, rapidly develop applications, connect business processes spanning multiple organizations, manage knowledge work and improve collaboration.”2 Gartner rated Kofax as “Positive” in the report.2

360 Solutions partners Software AG

360 Solutions announced signing a partnership agreement with Software AG, a “leader” in more than a dozen market categories, fueled by core product families Adabas-Natural, Alfabet, Apama, ARIS, Terracotta, webMethods, and Software AG Live. Headquartered in Germany and listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, Software AG is among the top 10 fastest-growing technology companies in the world.
Partnering with Software AG, provides a wider range of choices for 360 Solutions in terms of BPM, SOA, process analysis, integration, or enterprise architecture, to help organizations in UAE, GCC, and the Middle East to achieve their business objectives faster, enable customers to drive operational efficiency, modernize their systems and optimize processes for smarter decisions and better service.

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