360 Solutions completes documents digitization of NDC HRD

360 Solutions’ team completed in January 2016 the digitization of Human Resources Department documents of National Drilling Company (NDC), Abu Dhabi- UAE. They moved from paper- based environment to a digital platform in order to drive secure, safe and compliant management of the HR documents. Now the NDC HRD team have all the business critical documents at their fingertips and they do not have to spend hours of their valuable time to look for a certain file or document. Any target search in the digitally structured environment takes just seconds, one and the same document is available to several team members at the same time and they can share it in a secure manner with any third party of choice (government, auditors, etc.) . The digitization eliminates the chances for having incomplete information or let a file get lost.
The Human Resources Department of National Drilling Company (NDC) now benefit from maintaining their documents in an electronic format, enjoying ease of accessibility and storage efficiency.